Monte Altesina Reserve

Monte Altesina Reserve

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 M856+WH - Nicosia (EN)

The Natural Reserve of Monte Altesina is a protected natural area located in the municipalities of Nicosia and Leonforte.
The reserve takes its name from Monte Altesina, which the Latins nicknamed Mons Aereus, due to its particularly slender and pointed shape.
On the top of the mountain there are evident traces of ancient Greek urbanization as well as imposing excavations certainly linked to a sanctuary dedicated to the Chthonic divinities Persephone and Kore. On the rocky wall you can see a singular 10th century Kufic inscription which appears to be a testimony of faith. These remains testify to the important role that Monte Altesina had during the Saracen domination. From the floristic point of view, the most significant element of the Reserve is the holm oak wood.
The managing body has created six nature trails and promoted the recovery of the ancient Altesinella farm used as a visitor center and ethno-anthropological museum.

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