Antiquarium Arturo Petix Museum in Milena

The Antiquarium Museum in Milena, dedicated to Arturo Petix, local scholar and archaeologist, displays finds from the Neolithic age to the modern era found in the territory of Milena.
Inside the Museum there are testimonies which trace the history of the town, found in various archaeological sites, which trace 7 thousand years of settlements in these lands.
The museum itinerary, curated with educational panels and cartographic and photographic documents, exhibits finds belonging to different eras: the finds dating back to the Neolithic they were found in Serra del Palco‐Mandria and consist of ceramics engraved and impressed with simple, two‐ and three‐chrome motifs; the finds dating back to the Copper Age, which consist of funerary objects and cups, come from Monte Grande‐Fontanazza; the ceramics found in Monte Campanella, Rocca Grande and Serra del Palco belong to the Greek period; Ceramics, tiles, glass and metal objects date back to the Roman, Middle and Late Empire periods. Of particular value is the fragment of tegula sulphuris, a terracotta formwork used to solidify sulphur; amphorae, ceramic nozzles and lamps from the Amorella district date back to the medieval period; finally, fragments of furrowed pottery and the bottoms of bowls with noble coats of arms date back to the Arab-Norman age.

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