Manfredonico Castle of Mussomeli

Manfredonico Castle of Mussomeli

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 Vila del Castello - Mussomeli (CL)

Manfredonic Castle and Churches Walking Tour

Discover the Norman-Gothic Manfredonic Castle with this group walking tour of Mussomeli. See the palaces and churches in the old town with a local guide.

The castle of Mussomeli, also known as the manfredonico castle, is a fortress that stands on a cliff and is famous for its evocative camouflage in the limestone rock and for its impervious and solitary position, similar to an eagle's nest.
The oldest architectural traces of the site date back to the years of the Swabian dynasty of the Kingdom of Sicily and are represented by the chapel, located in the internal enclosure. The castle was subsequently built between 1364 and 1367 by Manfredi III Chiaramonte, count of Modica, even if the current forms of the fortress are mainly due to the intervention carried out at the beginning of the 15th century by the Castellar, lords of Mussomeli.
Il the fulcrum of the castle is the "Sala dei Baroni", also known as the "throne room", located in the internal enclosure. Precious Chiaramonte style portals overlook this courtyard. The "fireplace room" and the "dining room", characterized by Gothic elements, and the count's "bedroom" with a double cross vault are also very interesting. There are also the armory, the "death chamber" with insidious trap doors, the "room of the three women" and the feudal prison. San Giorgio, protector of the Chiaramonte, and later to the Madonna della Catena.
Manfredonico castle as well as for its impervious position and camouflage in the limestone rock has been made famous by the legends and stories enclosed within its walls.

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