Feast of the Burgisi in Gangi

Feast of the Burgisi in Gangi

fugzu - CC2.0

 Aug 2024

 Gangi (PA)

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The feast of the "Burgisi", or "bourgeois", is celebrated in Gangi on the first Sunday of August. It is a Christian celebration of thanksgiving to the Creator who ensures the unfolding of cyclical time, therefore of the seasons, and guarantees the elements of subsistence. In this context, the bread, composed in six gigantic shapes and carried in procession by young people in local costume, takes on a central role: it is the symbol that unites the product of the earth and the work of man.
The tradition of this festival is rooted in time, it was started by some families of wealthy peasants who had the opportunity to own and raise livestock.
The rituality of this Christian festival contrasts with the pagan festival of the Procession of Ceres which represents the climax of the Corn ear festival , both celebrations are however very rich in meaning and imbued with a profound symbolism that has the work of man and the fruits of the earth as a common point.

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