Madonie Vegetable Festival - Isnello

Madonie Vegetable Festival - Isnello

Franz Xaver - CC3.0

 Apr 2025

 Isnello PA

 +39 0921 662032

 +39 338 2016102

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Feast of Traditional and Ancient Madonie Vegetables

The Feast of Traditional and Ancient Madonie Vegetables in Isnello celebrates the edible wild vegetables of the Madonie. Wild herbs are in fact a tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the village of Isnello, and are linked to traditional knowledge and identity that has been handed down from generation to generation up to the present day.
During the event, an exhibition of vegetables is organized and a rich tasting of traditional dishes with particular attention paid to gastronomic innovation. Ample space is also given to the dissemination and scientific study of botanical and nutritional aspects.

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