Prehistoric Village of Portella in Salina

Prehistoric Village of Portella in Salina


 Santa Marina - Salina (ME)

The Prehistoric Village of Portella a Salina is a settlement dating back to the Middle Bronze Age, around the 15th-13th century. BC, which rises along a narrow crest of very steep volcanic origin bordered by two deep valleys.
In the archaeological area twenty-five huts were found, dug entirely in the volcanic tuff and covered by a dry wall, with a circular plan of about three meters in diameter and the entrance was almost always facing North . The uniqueness of the discovery lies in the excellent state of conservation of the huts which, since they were abandoned, have not undergone any intervention, other than the natural filling process .
Inside the huts everyday objects have been found, mostly vases used for eating and cooking, stone tools, and furnishings such as shelves, hearths and worktops.
Of particular interest is the discovery, inside each hut, of a large container that was used to store water, the "pithos". The same "pithos" were also found outside some huts along with channels. This suggests the presence of a rainwater collection system.
The finds found during the excavations of the village are exhibited at the Museo Civico di Lingua in Salina and in the Islands section minors of the Luigi Bernabò Brea Regional Archaeological Museum in Lipari.

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