Church of the Rosary in Alcara Li Fusi

Church of the Rosary in Alcara Li Fusi


 Via Aldo Moro, 20 - Alcara Li Fusi (ME)

The Church of the Rosary of Alcara Li Fusi dates back to the Norman period, precisely to 1163, although its present appearance is affected by the alterations that took place in the Renaissance period.
Originally the Church was located in the open countryside but following the urban expansion of the twentieth century it was incorporated into the inhabited center.
Of considerable value is the beautiful portico and the battlements that enrich the volume. The portal, in local limestone, has a papal coat of arms on the top, perhaps an element referring to Pope Leo II, an Alcarese citizen.
The interior, with a single nave, preserves two works of art of particular interest: the marble all-round effigy, the only marble sculpture present in Alcara, dating back to the end of the fifteenth century and attributed to Domenico Gagini who portrays the Madonna della Catena; a large canvas of 1667 depicting the Visitation, the work of Giuseppe Tomasi da Tortorici.

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