Museum of Sacred Art in Alcara Li Fusi

Museum of Sacred Art in Alcara Li Fusi


 Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 51 - Alcara Li Fusi (ME)

The Museum of Sacred Art of Alcara Li Fusi, managed in collaboration with the Diocese of Patti, is located in the former Monastery of the Benedictine Virgins, known as the "Badia".
The monumental complex was built around 1580, and was originally called the "Pilgrims' Hospital" and was inhabited by the Benedictine Sisters. The architectural body includes the Church of Sant'Andrea, with a single nave adjacent to which there is the Convent.
The museum exhibition is spread over two levels and includes valuable works of art in wood, silverware, paintings and a collection of ancient books including an incunabulum and very rare sixteenth-century books.

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