Museum of Sacred Art in Gioiosa Marea

The Museo d'Arte Sacra di Gioiosa Marea was designed and set up with the aim of conserving, enhancing and promoting knowledge of the historical-artistic heritage from parish churches such as the Church of San Nicolò and Santa Mary of Grace. The artifacts on display inside the Museum, attributable to a time span ranging from the 16th to the 20th century, allow us to reconstruct the essential parts of the civil, cultural and religious history of the ancient Gioiosa Guardia and of the new Gioiosa Marea.
Among the numerous artistic testimonies there are vestments, including copes, tunics and chasubles embroidered with gold and silk threads, silver artefacts such as chalices, boats, thuribles, monstrances, pyxes, urns, reliquaries, crucifixes and crowns.

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