Mount Carcaci Nature Reserve

The nature reserve of the Cardaci mountains is dominated by Monte Carcaci and the Pizzo Colobria relief and has several flat areas crossed by numerous streams and small seasonal ponds.
I < strong>seasonal lakes represent the most characteristic naturalistic treasure of the reserve. Near the Visitor Center there is the Colobria lake, colored by the flowering of ranunculaceae, where a path has been created along the circumnavigation of the lake which also allows the use of the disabled.
The area also has a notable vocation for < strong>equestrian tourism: there is in fact a multifunctional area with the presence of corrals and mangers for the horses, and wooden tables and benches for the rest of the users.
Inside the reserve there is also a structure of historical importance: the Casale dell'Emiro. Located at the foot of Pizzo Colobria, the farmhouse has been used since the Arab era, first as a watchtower, then as a military fortification, and subsequently as an overnight stay for men and animals in transhumance.
The nature reserve is it also stands out for a landscape full of rocks dating back to the Quaternary era.
Inside the reserve there are several shelters and haystacks for hikers to stop at night .
The recommended period to visit the reserve is during the spring when you can witness the multicolored blooms of the undergrowth and shrubs.

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