Ancient Noto

Ancient Noto

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 Monte Alveria, SP64 - Noto (SR)

The city of Noto Antica was completely destroyed by the earthquake of January 1693. The city stood perched on Mount Alveria, a few km away from present-day Noto, and had the classic characteristics of a medieval city. The city had been educated at the head of its valley, the Val di Noto.
Following its destruction, after a long debate, it was decided to change the location to erect the new Noto. A more accessible site was chosen than Mount Alveria, where the destroyed Noto stood instead.
The city of Noto Antica bears the engraving at the entrance: "Numquam vi capta", "Never taken by force", as the destiny of this city was that it was never the origin of fighting. < br> It is possible to visit the ancient city, within the frame of the beautiful Iblean landscapes, through which it will be possible to grasp, albeit among the ruins, the greatness of this city of the past as well as the extraordinary strength of that earthquake which destroyed the entire Val di Noto.
At the Civic Museum of Noto it will also be possible to view 3D reconstructions that show how the city of Noto Antica looked like before the earthquake.

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