Church of the Rosary in Militello Rosmarino

The Church of the Rosary in Militello Rosmarino, formerly the Church of the Annunziata, also known as the Church of the Convent or Church of San Domenico as it is adjacent to the Convent of San Domenico, is an important and ancient building of worship in the village.
It was built in 1512 by order of Baron Enrico Rosso, Lord of Cerami and Militello, to house the remains of his wife Laura. Today's urban agglomeration of the town developed around the church.
The simple façade, in stone, is enriched by a valuable limestone portal richly decorated with esoteric figures and symbols. The pediment has baroque elements and bears the inscription dating back to 1709 Paradisi Porta and a relief of a dog carrying a lit torch, a Dominican symbol.
The monumental marble sculpture is kept inside the church sarcophagus of Laura, wife of Baron Enrico Rosso, founder of the church.
Inside the church there are works of particular artistic value: the eighteenth-century wooden statue of San Vincenzo Ferrer, the work of Filippo Quattrocchi; the fifteenth-century marble statue of the Madonna dell'Aiuto; the baroque paintings of the Madonna della Lettera, the Madonna della Neve and Santa Scolastica; the valuable wooden altar of San Domenico dating back to 1638; the tabernacle and the choir loft above in polychrome wood painted with musical angels.

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