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Area: Agrigento surroundings

The village of Aragona stands on the eastern slopes of Mount Belvedere, in the Platani Valley, in an area characterized by the presence of hundreds of sulfur mines.
The village of Aragona was founded on 6 January 1606 thanks to the licentia populandi obtained by Baldassare III Naselli. The Nasellis governed the town of Aragon until 1812, the year in which feudalism was abolished.
Today the village of Aragon preserves historic buildings and works of notable historical and artistic interest. The village, however, is mainly known for the volcanoes of Macalube, a protected natural area in Sicily which includes a vast clayey territory characterized by the presence of eruptive phenomena.

What to eat

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You can obviously taste all the typical products of Sicilian cuisine, the most well-known ones, such as cannoli, Sicilian cassata, arancini, etc. But there are some specialties typical of this area that are more difficult to find in other areas of Sicily.

Where to stay

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Nearby Places

Below you will find a list of the most beautiful places to visit in the surroundings of Aragona. The places are located at a maximum distance of about an half hour by car. Good fun!

Joppolo Giancaxio

Agrigento surroundings


Agrigento surroundings


Agrigento surroundings


Agrigento surroundings