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Davide Mauro - CC4.0

Gibellina is a new city risen from the rubble of the Belìce earthquake of 1968.
Gibellina Nuova is a unique space in the world, where world-famous architects, painters, intellectuals and sculptors have experienced their talent.
Gibellina Nuova is an en plein air museum, where the ancient green of rural landscapes mixes with the multicolored abstractions of contemporary art.
Old Gibellina, destroyed by the earthquake, has been transformed into a work of modern art: the Cretto di Burri.


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Places of "Anna" - Gibellina

Gibellina, Salemi and Santa Ninfa are the locations of “Anna”, a Sky Original TV series based on the novel of the same name.

Nearby Places

Below you will find a list of the most beautiful places to visit in the surroundings of Gibellina. The places are located at a maximum distance of about an half hour by car. Good fun!


Selinunte and Belice Valley


Trapani surroundings


Trapani surroundings

Santa Margherita di Belice

Selinunte and Belice Valley

Castellammare del golfo

Trapani surroundings


Selinunte and Belice Valley