Castellana Sicula

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Castellana Sicula

Rino Porrovecchio - CC2.0

Castellana Sicula is a small village located at the entrance to the Madonie Park.
The foundation of Castellana Sicula dates back only to the eighteenth century and for this reason the town has a different appearance compared to the other ancient Madonie villages . However, Castellana Sicula has been able to create its own identity: the streets and squares of the city are dotted with works of modern art that make this village an open-air museum. Among the works, the many Murals stand out which have given Castellana Sicula the epithet of City of Murals.
Although the origin of the village is recent, the territory of Castellana Sicula is rich in archaeological evidence of considerable interest.
Castellana Sicula is surrounded by cultivated fields, orchards, olive groves, vineyards and numerous pastures dotted with drinking troughs and crossed by dirt roads and rural roads that offer landscapes from other times.


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Origin of the name

Origin of the name "Castellana Sicula"

The name "Castellana Sicula" derives from the ancient family of Castellana di Spagna.

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