Maniace: the Nebrodi garden

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Provincia: CT - Area: Catania and Etna

Maniace is a collection of small villages surrounded by nature. Its territory falls within the Nebrodi Park and the village is known as the garden of the Nebrodi.
Maniace boasts a glorious past: at the time of the Normans it welcomed the settlers who came from Monferrato following the countess Adelasia, wife of Ruggero I, and for this reason it was included among the Lombard cities; in the early 1000s it obtained the title of Magna Universitas also exercising its power over the hamlet of Bronte; in 1174, following the construction of the Benedictine abbey of Sancta Maria Maniacensis, it achieved great fame and prestige. In the fifteenth century the center was abandoned and only in 1799, when Maniace and Bronte were donated by Ferdinand IV to the English admiral Horatio Nelson, the current inhabited center was formed around the abbey, now known as Castello Nelson.

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The small mountain village of Maniace develops around the ancient Abbey of Santa Maria di Maniace, located inside the Nelson Castle. Today the Maniace Castle falls within the territory of nearby Bronte, while the Nelson English Cemetery remains the only property that the Nelson heirs continue to own in the Maniace territory.
There are also numerous natural beauties that surround the village, as it is part of the Nebrodi Park. It belongs to the territory of Maniace Serra del Re, the second highest peak of the Nebrodi.

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You can obviously taste all the typical products of Sicilian cuisine, the most well-known ones, such as cannoli, Sicilian cassata, arancini, etc. But there are some specialties typical of this area that are more difficult to find in other areas of Sicily.

Thanks to the fertility of the surrounding area, Maniace boasts an excellent production of dairy and agricultural products.

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