Termini Imerese

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Termini Imerese

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Termini Imerese is a charming town enclosed between Monte San Calogero on one side and the sea on the other.
Termini Imerese boasts ancient Greek origins and is rich in history and culture to offer to its visitors.
It is well known and appreciated, since ancient times, for the beneficial effects of its thermal waters: the modern spas are located in the place where the ancient Roman baths once stood, some remains of which are still visible today.


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Origin of the name

Origin of the name "Termini Imerese"

The name "Termini Imerese" narrates the ancient history of this town known since ancient times for its thermal waters.

The myth of the thermal waters of Termini Imerese

The myth of the thermal waters of Termini Imerese

Termini Imerese has been known since ancient times for its thermal waters and according to the myth Hercules was the first to enjoy the benefits of its waters.

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