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Nicosia is a medieval village located in the upper region of the Erei mountains, in the heart of Sicily.
The surrounding area reveals traces of ancient settlements dating back to prehistoric times. The current town was born in the Byzantine era and developed around the castle. It reached great splendor during the Norman domination.
Nicosia boasts a huge artistic heritage: works of painting and sculpture of considerable value embellish the religious and civil architecture of the city.
Nicosia is known as the town of buffaloes as in its countryside there is one of the most important herds of Sicilian buffaloes. Among the food products, dairy products such as mozzarella, tuma and ricotta stand out; among the typical sweets the Nocattolo and the Pizziddatu.


Casazza of Nicosia
2023 March 31, April 1, 2
Casazza of Nicosia

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Origins and curiosities about the Casazza of Nicosia

Origins and curiosities about the Casazza of Nicosia

The Casazza di Nicosia is a traveling sacred representation that made the village of Nicosia famous throughout Sicily in the 19th century.

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