Montalbano Elicona

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Montalbano Elicona

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Montalbano Elicona is a beautiful village nestled in the Peloritani mountains, famous for its castle that stands on a rock overlooking the small town.
The village is made up of small houses, located on outcrop rock spurs, one leaning against the other, which create a picturesque labyrinth of late medieval alleys and overpasses.
In its territory is the Argimusco, a naturalistic and archaeological site, which represents one of the most mysterious and evocative places in Sicily.
A rich historical heritage, prehistoric remains and centuries-old woods characterize the village.


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Legend Praying Woman of Argimusco

Legend Praying Woman of Argimusco

The charm of the sculptures of Argimusco and in particular that of the "Praying Woman" has led to the birth of a legend.

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